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Media Release | February 2018

For more than 30 years, Brilliant has been one of Australia’s most respected names in lighting solutions. When it comes to emergency lighting, Brilliant has your home and commercial needs covered. Brilliant’s Emergency Range is a one-stop-shop for builders and electricians looking to ensure compliance with safety regulations and keep clients safe and happy with the best emergency lighting technology available. From exit signs to emergency LED lighting and pathfinding technology, Brilliant’s Emergency Range provides cutting edge products to keep Australian homes and businesses safe.


Brilliant’s Emergency Range features:

• Blade: a stylish Exit Sign ideal for emergency lighting applications where aesthetics are everything.

• One-Box: general purpose, double or single-sided ceiling or wall mounted exit sign with emergency 2 hour battery pack for self-powered operation during power outages.

• Pathfinder: general purpose, non-maintained LED emergency luminaire downlight in 3W and 6W, compliant to AS/NZS2293.

• Proxima: an energy efficient LED emergency batten with 2-hour battery pack for self-powered operation during power outages.

• Stellar: LED battens featuring an IP65 weather-resistant rating and sustained mode operation.

• Novellis: general purpose emergency oyster light, slim-line sustained mode operated ceiling luminaire.

• Centurion: IP66 general purpose oyster light with sustained mode operated ceiling luminaire.

• Solaris: emergency oyster light with 3 hour battery pack for self-powered operation during power outages.

• Spartan: wall-mounted emergency LED spotlight for commercial and interior applications, coastal environment, apartments, shopping centres, hospitality, prisons and hospitals.


Learn more about Brilliant’s range of emergency lighting products here.


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