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  • TURBINE-200 Inline Air Transfer and Exhaust System

    COLOUR: White only
    WATTAGE: 120W, with Axial fan (192mm diameter impeller)
    EXHAUST: up to 250L per second
    NOISE (dB): less than 68
    DUCT SIZE: 200mm
    WARRANTY: 3-Year

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    Transfer heat from one room to another, quickly and easily with Turbine air transfer kit.
 Utilise an existing heating/cooling source to its full potential and overcome the need for separate heating appliances in individual rooms.
 An air transfer kit can often be the most economical way of redirecting air within your home.
 Air Transfer Kits are ideal for homes with open fires or wood burners.

    Powerful 120W motor with Axial fan.
IPX4 rated.
    Moves up to 900m³/hr.
175mm diameter impeller.
    Ball bearing motor.
    Ø200mm duct inlet/outlet size.
    DIY installation.
    3-Year Warranty
    1 x 120W Inline Exhaust fan
    2 x 3m Aluminium single layer ducting
    2 x White ABS Grills
    4 x Ring clamps

    Turbine-200 (20400)  Turbine-200 (20400)