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  • Product categories

  • EYE 360 Recessed PIR Security Sensor (Series 2)

    COLOUR/S: White
    DETECTION AREA: 360 degrees
    DETECTION RANGE: 9 metres
    TIME ON: 10 seconds to 20 minutes
    IP RATING: IP20 Indoor only
    CUT-OUT: 62mm

    WARRANTY: 2-Year



    Passive Infra-red technology.
    Multi-segmented lens for better detection.
    Reliable 3-wire design.
    Adjustable time and lux level.
    Manual override
    Indoor use only.
    Resets to AUTO mode after 8 hours
    Ceiling recessed flush mount
    Max Load : 2000W Incandescent Lamp
    600W Fluorescent Lamp
    300W LED Lamp
    2 Year Warranty.

    Eye Series2 Datasheet  Eye Series2 Datasheet

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