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  • RETRO-FIT Microwave Ceiling/Wall Light Sensor

    DETECTION AREA: 180 degrees
    DETECTION RANGE: 12 metres
    TIME ON: 10 seconds to 15 minutes
    WARRANTY: 2-Year

    DETECTION AREA:Wall: 180 degrees
    Ceiling: 360 degrees
    DETECTION RANGE:Wall: 5-15 metres
    Ceiling: 1-8 metre radius
    LUX SETTING:Adjustable
    IP RATING:IP20 Indoor only



    Automatically activated by motion and light level.
    Compact size to retro-fit into most ceiling and wall lights.
    Wide detection area.
    Motion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials
    Accurate adjustable time, lux level and detection area via DIP switches.
    Reliable 3-wire design.
    HF system : 5.8GHz
    Lux control level : <3-2000LUX (adjustable) Installation height : Wall 1.5-3.5m Ceiling 2-6m Detection range : Wall 180 degrees Ceiling 360 degrees Detection distance : Wall 5-15m (adjustable) Ceiling 1-8m radius (adjustable) Max Load : 1200W Incandescent Lamp 300W Fluorescent Lamp 150W LED Lamp 2 Year Warranty.

    RetroFit Microwave Datasheet  RetroFit Microwave Datasheet

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