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  • DIMMER: Rotary

    VOLTAGE: 240V, 50hz
    WATTAGE LOAD: min 5W to max 350W per switch
    DIMMING: 2% to 100%*
    DESIGN: Fits in to standard wall plates
    Design & optimised for dimmable LED lamps & fittings
    Suitable for most dimmable 240V, 12V lamp sources including GU10, MR16, GX54, G4 fittings*.
    Also works with most magnetic or electronic transformers*.
    Soft start for improved lamp life.
    Detects the load type and selects either leading or trailing edge as required.
    EMC Compatible.
    2 wire design – suitable for lamps & most standard wiring fittings*.
    WARRANTY: 12-Month

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    Our rotary dimmers are a compact, modular dimming mechanism rated at 350W, and designed for universal load compatibility. The unit utilises powerful and sophisticated dimming technology to provide full control of almost any
    type of load. Used to control loads such as LED, incandescent lamps, 240V halogen lamps, dichroic lamps and low voltage lighting that uses iron-core or electronic transformers.
    This model is a separately switched unit that utilises sophisticated dimming technology to provide full control of a wide range of load types.
    * Load dependent. Final performance may vary according to actual LED globe and transformer/driver used. Must be installed by a licensed electrician. Not suitable for fans and other inductive loads.

    Dimmer Rotary Datasheet  Dimmer Rotary Datasheet

    SDC00343 Dimmer Rotary  SDC00343 Dimmer Rotary