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  • Wireless Kinetic Doorbell

    POWER SOURCEE:Bell Press: Kinetic Self-powered
    Chime/Receiver: 240V / 50Hz
    CLASS:Class II (2)
    OPERATING RANGE:up to 30m (depending on local conditions)
    VOLUME ADJUSTMENT:4 levels (up to 80db)
    OPERATION MODES:38 chime/ringtone variants
    Silent mode
    INGRESS PROTECTION:IP44 rated (Bell Press only)
    KIT INCLUDES:1x Kinetic Bell Press
    1x 240V Chime/Receiver
    CONSTRUCTION:Durable ABS with Polycarbonate
    WARRANTY:1 year replacement


    SKU: 21459/05 Category:


    With a separate receiver and wireless kinetic push button that can deliver a strong signal up to 30m, never miss a customer or visitor with this battery-free and total wireless doorbell.
    • A compact door chime system that’s completely wireless.
    • Easy wireless installation, receiver unit plugs into mains power.
    • Doorbell runs from kinetic energy with no batteries required & up to 30m range.
    • Battery-free push button with up to 100,000 press lifetime.
    • IP44 Water-resistant push button.
    • 4 Levels of adjustable volume with 38 customisable chime sounds plus a silent mode
    • Just turn the volume of the chimer down and let the LED light alert you when somebody is at the door
    For Homes, apartments, office buildings, and warehouses

    Wireles Kinetic Doorbell (21459)  Wireles Kinetic Doorbell (21459)