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  • DISCUS LED Industrial Highbay with Microwave Sensor

    WATTAGE & LUMENS: 150W: 17,000lm
    COLOUR TEMP: 7000K Daylight
    BEAM ANGLE: 110 degrees
    DIMMABLE: YES: 10% / 20% / 30% / 50%
    CRI: >83
    MAX. Ta (Safety): 60 degress Celsius
    LIFESPAN: Up to 50,000 hours (40 degrees Celsius Ambient)
    HOLD TIME: 5s / 30s / 90s / 3min / 20min / 30min
    DAYLIGHT SENSOR: 50lux / 100lux / 200lux / Disable
    STANDBY PERIOD: 5s / 5 min / 10min / 30min / 1h / +
    COLOUR TRIM: Black



    Discus LED high-bay lights are the ideal answer for factories, stockrooms, supermarkets, gyms, petrol stations, warehouses, and other places that may need lighting. Designed for applications of 6 metres or more with an IP65 rating guarantees that these lights are waterproof and can be applied both indoors and outdoors.
    Black Diecast alloy housing with painted steel bracket.
    304 stainless steel hook and external bolts.
    High performance Nichia LED Array.
    High efficiency MeanWell LED driver with SAA approved 1m flex & plug.
    Long lasting, up to 50,000 hours.
    Includes 840mm high tensile steel safety lanyard with steel carabiner’s.
    3 Year Warranty.
    Instant start, no re-strike delays.
    Easy-install fitting for fast, effortless retro-fitting.
    Improved illumination quality
    Reduce your energy usage and save money on your utility bills
    Reduce maintenance costs as our LED HighBay have longer life than traditional lighting solutions
    Short payback period possible depending on usage
    Suitable for dry, damp and wet locations.

    Discus with Sensor Datasheet  Discus with Sensor Datasheet