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  • LED PAR38 10W Reflector Globe

    Look and lights like a classic PAR38.
    WATTAGE: 10W
    COLOUR TEMP: 4200K Cool White
    LUMENS: 850lm
    CRI: >83
    LIFESPAN (APPROX): Up to 30,000 hours

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    Brilliant deliver a new PAR38 replacement. Made from high grade UV stabilised plastic with an opaque ploycarbonate diffuser. Our new PAR38 is lights the way consumers expect, but uses 80 percent less energy. Our PAR38 LED Globe standard shape of traditional halogen PAR38 globes and is
    suitable for use outdoors with its IP66 weather-resistant rating. Best of all, our PAR38 LED Globe last up to 30,000 hours, meaning you won’t have to install another bulb for 10 years.†

    LED Par38 10W Datasheet  LED Par38 10W Datasheet