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  • STAR GLOW LED Vintage Style Classic Globes

    Vintage style with a twist.
    SHAPE: Classic A60
    LUMENS: 115lm
    BASE: B22 bayonet & E27 screw
    LIFESPAN (APPROX): Up to 10,000 hours
    SIZE (mm): 60 Dia x 109 H

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    Shaped like a classic globe and fits regular light fittings with 30 individual LED “globes”.
    This new form LED (Light-emitting diode) approaches as close as possible the look of a Vintage type filament globe
    with modern high efficiency LED technology. A very warm colour temp of 2400K ensures a vintage filament type
    colour. Solid construction with wire bars holding rows of circular set LED’s in sprung fashion. They produces as much
    light as a standard 25W incandescent globe and are fantastic for atmospheric lighting, in a multi-globe pendant light,
    as well as discreet lighting.

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    StarGlow Classic A60 Globe Datasheet  StarGlow Classic A60 Globe Datasheet