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  • MAJESTIC 2 + 1 Light Bathroom Mate

    SIZE: 2+1 Light
    COLOUR/S: Silver
    WATTAGE: 15W max
    LAMP: R80 CFL
    COLOUR TEMP: 4100K
    CUT-OUT SIZE: 185x345mm
    WARRANTY: 3-Year
    HEAT TYPE: R125 Globes
    WATTAGE: 275W max
    EXHAUST : Up to 67L/sec

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    3-in-1 Bathroom Mate feature an energy saver compact fluorescent reflector globe, 275W infra-red heat globes and an exhaust fan.
    2+1 model is designed to suit small to medium bathrooms with a maximum ceiling height of 2.4m.
    Units is fitted with a thermostat switch that will automatically turn on if the internal temperature exceeds 80°C.
    Includes 3 gang wall switch, 1.5m ducting and exterior vent.

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    Majestic 2 Light Datasheet  Majestic 2 Light Datasheet