Attach it. Ring it. Find It.
Trackit is a small wireless device that helps you track your valuables via a smartphone App.


Locate. If Trackit is lost, do not worry. The App automatically records the last known location of the device and shows the coordinates on a map. You too can record a location on the map: park your car, record the location and find your way back easily.
Ring. The App allows you to ring Trackit within Bluetooth range. A typical bluetooth working range is 15m+ between your phone and the device. It will emit a sound alert and the inbuilt light will flash until you locate it.
Find your phone. Are you about to leave home, keys in hand and can’t find your phone? Press the button on Trackit and your phone will ring even when on silent mode.
Set an alarm. You can set up automatic alerts. If you leave your keys behind Trackit will be disconnected and the alarm will go off.
Smile. Never be left out of a photo, you can use Trackit as a remote camera trigger.
Trackit can be attached to a key ring, kept in a bag or secured to your valuables with the included adhesive. It operates on a replaceable coin-cell battery. Don’t get frustrated and waste time searching for lost items any longer.
Trackit. Find it.

Available in
Single (Code: 19300/05)
4-Pack (Code: 19302)



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